Libera Me
Goddess the laughter-loving, Aphrodite, befriend!
Long have I served thine altars, serve me now at
          the end,
Let me have peace of thee, truce of thee, golden
          one, send.
Heart of my heart have I offered thee, pain of my
Yielding my life for the love of thee into thy chain;
Lady and goddess be merciful, loose me again.
All things I had that were fairest, my dearest and
Fed the fierce flames on thine altar: ah, surely, my
Shrined thee alone among goddesses, spurning the
Blossom of youth thou hast plucked of me, flower
          of my days;
Stinted I nought in thine honouring, walked in
          thy ways,
Song of my soul pouring out to thee, all in thy
Fierce was the flame while it lasted, and strong
          was thy wine,
Meet for immortals that die not, for throats such
          as thine,
Too fierce for bodies of mortals, too potent for
Blossom and bloom hast thou taken, now render
          to me
Ashes of life that remain to me, few though they
Truce of the love of thee, Cyprian, let me go free.
Goddess the laughter-loving, Aphrodite, restore
Life to the limbs of me, liberty, hold me no more
Having the first-fruits and flower of me, cast me
          the core.

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