White Bird of Love
Little white bird of the summer sky,
   Silver against the golden sun,
Over the green of the hills you fly,
   You and the sweet, wild air are one.
Glorious sights are in that far place
   Reached by your daisy-petal wing,
Rose-coloured meteors dive through space,
   Stars made of molten music sing.
Still, though your quivering eager flight
   Reaches the groves by Heaven town,
Where all the angels cry out, “Alight!
   Stop, little bird, come down, come down!”
Careless you speed over fields of stars,
   Darting through Heaven swift and free;
Nothing your arrowy passage bars
   Back to the earth and back to me.
Here in the orchard of dream-fruit fair
   Out of my dreams is built your nest.
Blossoming dreams all the branches bear,
   Fit for my silver dream-bird’s rest.
Here, since they love you, the young stars shine,
   Through the white petals come their beams.
Little white love-laden bird of mine,
   Let them shine on you through my dreams.

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