The Poems of Alice Meynell

Table of Contents

Early Poems

Incorporating Preludes and the first volume entitled Poems

In Early Spring
To the Beloved
An Unmarked Festival
In Autumn
“Sœur Monique”
The Visiting Sea
After a Parting
Builders of Ruins
   Thoughts in Separation
   The Garden
   Your Own Fair Youth
   The Young Neophyte
   Spring on the Alban Hills
   In February
   A Shattered Lute
   To a Daisy
San Lorenzo’s Mother
The Lover Urges the Better Thrift
Cradle-Song at Twilight
Song of the Night at Daybreak
A Letter from a Girl to her own Old Age
Advent Meditation
A Poet’s Fancies
   The Love of Narcissus
   To Any Poet
   To One Poem in a Silent Time
   The Moon to the Sun
   The Spring to the Summer
   The Day to the Night
   A Poet of one Mood
   A Song of Derivations
   Singers to Come
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