The Poems of Alice Meynell

Index by Title

Early Poems

Incorporating Preludes and the first volume entitled Poems

Advent Meditation
After a Parting
Builders of Ruins
Cradle-Song at Twilight
The Day to the Night
The Garden
In Autumn
In Early Spring
In February
A Letter from a Girl to her own Old Age
The Love of Narcissus
The Lover Urges the Better Thrift
The Moon to the Sun
A Poet of one Mood
San Lorenzo’s Mother
A Shattered Lute
Singers to Come
“Sœur Monique”
A Song of Derivations
Song of the Night at Daybreak
Spring on the Alban Hills
The Spring to the Summer
Thoughts in Separation
To a Daisy
To Any Poet
To the Beloved
To One Poem in a Silent Time
An Unmarked Festival
The Visiting Sea
The Young Neophyte
Your Own Fair Youth
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