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Across what calm of tropic seas
A flock of winds came winging from the North
Ah! no, not these!
Along the graceless grass of town
All night had shout of men and cry
And will they cast the altars down
Another day awakes. And who
“A riddling world!” one cried
A voice peals in this end of night
Black mountains pricked with pointed pine
Brief, on a flying night
Dear are some hidden things
Forth, to the alien gravity
Given, not lent
I dreamt (no “dream” awake—a dream indeed)
I go by road, I go by street
Into the rescued world newcomer
I saw a tract of ocean locked inland
I saw the throng, so deeply separate
Longer than thine, than thine
Long life to thee, long virtue, long delight
Lord, Thou hast crushed Thy tender ones, o’er-thrown
Lord, where are Thy prerogatives?
Luminous passions reign
Master, thy enterprise
Not yet was winter come to earth’s soft floor
O heavenly colour, London town
Oh, man’s capacity
Oh, what a kiss
One of the crowd went up
One wept whose only child was dead
On London fell a clearer light
Our father works in us
O what a miracle wind is this
She walks—the lady of my delight
So humble things Thou hast borne for us, O God
The Lady Poverty was fair
The light young man who was to die
The paralytic man has dropped in death
The poet’s imageries are noble ways
There is a bolder way
There is no length of days
There’s much afoot in heaven and earth this year
Thou art the Way
Thou inmost, ultimate
Thou man, first-comer, whose wide arms entreat
Three times have I beheld
To her accustomed eyes
Two men went up to pray; and one gave thanks
Unlike the youth that all men say
Yes, from the ingrate heart, the street
“You never attained to Him?”
With this ambiguous earth
Whose is the speech
Why wilt thou chide
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