The Poems of Alice Meynell

Table of Contents

Last Poems

Originally issued February 1923

The Poet and his Book
Intimations of Mortality
The Wind is Blind
Time’s Reversals
The Threshing Machine
Winter Trees on the Horizon
To Sleep
“The Marriage of True Minds”
In Honour of America, 1917
“Lord, I owe Thee a Death”
To Conscripts
The Voice of a Bird
The Question
The Laws of Verse
“The Return to Nature”
To Silence
The English Metres
“Rivers Unknown to Song”
To the Mother of Christ the Son of Man
A Comparison
To Antiquity
Christmas Night
The October Redbreast
To “a Certain Rich Man”
“Everlasting Farewells”
The Poet to the Birds
At Night to W. M.
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