Beata Solitudo
What land of Silence,
   Where pale stars shine
On apple-blossom
   And dew-drenched vine,
   Is yours and mine?
The silent valley
   That we will find,
Where all the voices
   Of humankind
   Are left behind.
There all forgetting,
   Forgotten quite,
We will repose us,
   With our delight
   Hid out of sight.
The world forsaken,
   And out of mind
Honour and labour,
   We shall not find
   The stars unkind.
And men shall travail,
   And laugh and weep;
But we have vistas
   Of gods asleep,
   With dreams as deep.
A land of Silence,
   Where pale stars shine
On apple-blossoms
   And dew-drenched vine,
   Be yours and mine!

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