After Paul Verlaine—II
Colloque Sentimental
Into the lonely park all frozen fast,
Awhile ago there were two forms who passed.
Lo, are their lips fallen and their eyes dead,
Hardly shall a man hear the words they said.
Into the lonely park, all frozen fast,
There came two shadows who recall the past.
“Dost thou remember our old ecstasy?”—
“Wherefore should I possess that memory?”—
“Doth thine heart beat at my sole name alway?
Still dost thou see my soul in visions?” “Nay!”—
“They were fair days of joy unspeakable,
Whereon our lips were joined?”—“I cannot tell.”—
“Were not the heavens blue, was not hope high?”—
“Hope has fled vanquished down the darkling sky.”—
So through the barren oats they wanderèd,
And the night only heard the words they said.

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