The Spark
Because I used to shun
Death and the mouth of hell
And count my battle won
If I should see the sun
The blood and smoke dispel,
Because I used to pray
That living I might see
The dawning light of day
Set me upon my way
And from my fetters free,
Because I used to seek
Your answer to my prayer
And that your soul should speak
For strengthening of the weak
To struggle with despair,
Now I have seen my shame
That I should thus deny
My soul’s divinest flame,
Now shall I shout your name.
Now shall I seek to die
By any hands but these
In battle or in flood,
On any lands or seas,
No more shall I share ease,
No more shall I spare blood
When I have need to fight
For heaven or for your heart,
Against the powers of light
Or darkness I shall smite
Until their might depart,
Because I know the spark
Of God has no eclipse,
Now Death and I embark
And sail into the dark
With laughter on our lips.

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