The Poems of Joseph Mary Plunkett

Index by First Line


Written Between November 1911 and July 1915

As blazes forth through clouds the morning sun
Because I used to shun
Beside the golden gate there grows a tree
Crowns and imperial purple, thrones of gold
Gaunt windy moons bedraggled in the dusk
Her hair’s the canopy of heaven
I am the Seer: for in you I see
I do not know how you can shun
If I have you then I have everything
If the dread all-seeing stars
I loose the secrets of my soul
I thought I’d never hear your tongue
I try to blame
I’ve watched with Death a dreadful year
No hungry star ascendant at my birth
O Covenant! O Temple! O frail pride
Our lips can only stammer, yet we chant
Rougher than Death the road I choose
She sings, but we are silent: when shall Spring
She walks the azure meadows where the stars
Sing all ye mouths of music, sing her praise
The drunken stars stagger across the sky
These words that may not reach your heart
They say I sing in secrets—they have ears
The worm is clad in plated mail
To-day when I beheld you all alone
What have I dared to claim
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